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Developer Relations Engineer (Content)



Software Engineering
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Posted on Friday, May 10, 2024

Full-time; Preferably Located between East Coast US and Euro time zones

WalletConnect is the de facto web3 communications protocol allowing interoperability between wallets and dapps across chains. We began with a single API and now facilitate millions of messages and connections each month. Today we’re building a suite of web3 SDKs including Web3Modal, Web3Wallet, Web3Inbox and more with a mission of empowering developers to build engaging web3 experiences so that as an industry, we can reach the next 100 million crypto users.

We’ve raised $25 million from some of the world’s best crypto and infrastructure investors such as Union Square Ventures, 1kx, Shopify, Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, and Uniswap Labs Ventures. Founded in 2018 by Pedro Gomes, we are a global, remote-first team that values openness, simplicity, generating impact and ownership.

The Role:

At WalletConnect we're looking for a DevRel Engineer (Content) to join the DevRel team, reporting into our new DevRel Lead. This person focuses on creating comprehensive content for both internal and external technical audiences.

You'll be responsible for generating content to support our new/existing user base, developers, and partnership/client relationships. This technical content could include breaking down our product/feature offerings, integration/upgrade/usage instructions, and more. To craft this informative content, you'll engage in hands-on manual testing (JavaScript), exploring/sampling top projects, dApps, ecosystems, chains, etc., and ensuring technical compatibility between these partners and our SDKs. Content formats will include video tutorials, technical documentation, social media posts, and contributions to various platforms like Slack, Telegram, Discord, Github, Farcaster, and native blogs on our website.

This role presents a distinctive opportunity to contribute to widely-used products, innovate within web3 SDKs, and influence the perception and adoption of our leading-edge offerings.


  • Education and Advocacy: Using your deep technical understanding of the web3 ecosystem and developer background to effectively advocate for WalletConnect and our products. Help develop educational content (instructional videos, posts, docs, specs, etc.) to teach devs how to build with WalletConnect
  • Drive for Developer Adoption: Understand the “Big Picture” and use that mindset to assist the DevRel team in building efforts to increase the developer community's engagement and adoption of WalletConnect and our products. Assist in community initiatives like our ambassador program, hackathons, and be a point of contact for developers ensuring our products serve them well.
  • Developer Support & Engagement: Work closely with the engineering and product teams on top priority issues and use your communication skills to act as the liaison between our internal P&E teams and top tier external customers. Use your developer background to provide unparalleled support to external developers integrating and building on WalletConnect. Which heavily involves making sure they have access to the highest quality documentation, tooling, educational materials, and support systems. Actively engage with the developer community through events, training sessions, webinars, and hackathons to promote WalletConnect and our vision.
  • Community Building: Act as one of the faces of WalletConnect within the developer ecosystem, establishing and nurturing relationships with both corporate developers and those in the open-source community. Assist in spreading the word about WalletConnect's initiatives but also exercise listening skills to gather feedback from the community to inform future developments.
  • Teamwork: Work with our small but mighty DevRel team who are passionate about WalletConnect’s success and partner with marketing, BD, partnerships, product and engineering to ensure our efforts are successful.
  • QA Development & Testing: Use your Manual Quality Assurance Engineering experience to conduct a variety of testing techniques on Cloud Wallet Submissions. Accurately diagnose bugs, feature limitations or new feature requests, and deliver clear technical specifications to the product and engineering teams. Work regularly with our top Wallets to test and check for regressions. Run periodical proactive quality assurance for our top dApp integrations
  • Build & Automate: Together with your team be creative and build tools such as npx templates to simplify developers’ adoption stories. Help customers discover these tools by highlighting them. Measure their adoption via metrics. Help build out automation around internal processes